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"I watched your stickhandling skills video with the same level of amazment as when I first saw Tiger Woods juggle a golf ball on his 7-iron, then hit a dead-straight shot down the fairway... "

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Never before has there ever been such a comprehensive research done on skating for ice hockey or what was commonly mis-labeled powerskating. The largest, most accurate and up to date DVD series in the world.  Not based on personal opinion but scientific research and data.  Check out the bibliography or list of sources that went into making this DVD series....sources from all over the world.  Every book, video, CD, DVD, sports science journal, thesis and study on ice hockey, hockey skating, figure skating, speed skating and inline skating.  20 years of research went into this DVD series, 9 months of filming and editing, filmed in High Definintion, with 1057 exercises and techniques.  18.5 hours of instruction on 10 DVDs.  5 hours of Dryland training for hockey skating.  There is nothing like this series.  Whether player or coach you need these DVDs.  If a player could do all the exercises in this series they would skate better than an NHL  Player.

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View DVD 1 - Hockey Skating History - 1 hr 18 min
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View DVD 2 - The Science of Hockey Skating-1hr36m
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View DVD 3 - Forward Edges & Crossovers - 1hr44m
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View DVD 4 - Backward Edges & Crossovers - 1hr18m
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View DVD 5 - Forward Stride Speed & Overspeed-2hr
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View DVD 6 - Acceleration Starts & Stops - 2 hr
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View DVD 7 - Agility for Hockey Skating - 2 hr 9 min
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View DVD 8 - On-Ice Power & Plyometrics - 1hr 33min
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View DVD 9 - 122 exercises DVD 10 - 218 exercises
Dryland Training for Hockey Skating 5hrs
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The whole series all 10 DVDs - BUY NOW!!!



Buy 1 a month for 10 months - BUY NOW!!!

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Our DVD series are used by just about every International Ice Hockey Federation including the Russian, Swedish, Finnish, Federations Czech Republic, Hockey Canada and USA Hockey.
Many NHL Teams and College teams and individual players like Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin have and use the DVDs as well. Order now and start your training to be the best player you can be!

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