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"All the drills are shown from different angles and are walked through slowly so you don’t miss a thing. There isn’t anything missing from these tapes except a portable TV/VCR so you can watch them at the rink."

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DVD 3 of 5  -  1 Hour 9 Minutes of Instruction

CHAPTER 1 - Moves

1. Front Fake Right & Left
2. Double Front Fake
3. Double Front Fake Game
4. Under the Stick
5. Under the Stick Forehand
6. Under the Stick Backhand
7. Wooden Attack Triangle
8. Under the Stick Backhand
9. Under the Stick Forehand
10. Under the Stick Drill
11. Pull-in Move
12. Pull-in Move Backhand
13. Pull-in Move on cone
14. Pull-in Move Game     
15. Pull-in/Push-out Move
16. Fake Slap Shot
17. Side Fake
18. Side Fake Variation
19. Gretzky Move
20. Side Fake/Gretzky Move
21. Backhand(Bobby Orr) Spin 22. Savard Spin-O-Rama
23. Forehand Spin
24. Front Fake/Spin

Advanced Moves

1. Front Fake/Pull from Behind
2. Front Fake/Pull-in Move
3. Gretzky/Pull-in Move
4. Pull-in/Backhand Spin
5. Russian Move
6. Russian Move Variation
7. Russian Slip Through
8. Lemieux Move
9. Lemieux/Russian Tap
10. Lemieux/Throw Behind
11. Gretzky/Under the Stick
12. Skin Move
13. Side Fake/Skin Move
14. Jagr Move
15. Jagr Sweep Backhand Spin
16. Jagr Flip-up Smack out of Air
17. Over the Top
18. Over the Stick
19. Over and Under the Stick
20. Bure Move

CHAPTER 3 - Trick Moves

1. Tap Goalie's Stick
2. Sweep Puck Up Forehand
3. Sweep Puck Up Backhand
4. Sweep Puck Up Behind the Net
5. Flip Puck on Goalie’s Back
6. Smack out of Air
7. Pull-in Flip-up Tap-over-head
    Kick in-Front Smack-out-of-Air
8. Beyond Belief!
9. Beyond Beyond Belief! 

DVD 3 - The Moves, Fakes or Dekes
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The Stickhandling Beyond Belief Set
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