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Skating Symposiums

For the second time ever Sean Skinner has hosted the International Hockey Skating Symposium.  The world's premier skating, instructors, NHL skating coaches, ice hockey scientists, NHL strength & conditioning coaches, in-line skating coaches and Olympic speed skating coaches gathered together in "Hockey-Town" Detroit, Michigan, for a three day coaching symposium presenting in-depth scientific analysis of skating for ice hockey.  The topics included skating physics, stride biomechanics, starting techinques, strength & conditioning, resistance training and power training.  See the individual speakers and titles under the specific symposium. 

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Sean has worked with the Swedish Ice Hockey Federation, Buffalo Sabres, Florida Panthers, St. Louis Blues, the Carolina Hurricains, the US Olympic Women's Hockey team, Hockey Canada, the English Ice Hockey Federation, the Japanese Ice Hockey Federation, the International Ice Hockey Federation and worked in Canada, Russia, United States, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Czech Republic, Denmark, Iceland, Taiwan, Romania and Israel. 

Sean Skinner has presented at over 50 hockey coaching symposiums all over the world.  He also Hosts Coaching Symposiums and the DVDs from the two International Hockey Skating Symposiums are a wealth of information valuable for anyone looking to increase their knowledge of skating for ice hockey.


2005 - International Hockey Symposium 21 disc DVD series
This DVD series feature 21 different lectures on Hockey skating.  Guest speakers include: Robby Glantz, Steve Swanson, Lorne Goldenberg, Barb Aidelbaum, Marianne Watkins, Peter Twist,  Wendy Marco,Jack Blatherwick,  and Mike Bracko.

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2003 - International Hockey Symposium 23 disc DVD series
This DVD series feature 23 different lectures on Hockey skating.  Guest speakers include: Robby Glantz, Steve Swanson, Lorne Goldenberg, Bjorn Kinding, Frank Fedel, Barb Aidelbaum, Marianne Watkins, Laura Stamm, Peter Twist,  Wendy Marco, Steffany Hanlen, Jack Blatherwick, Bonnie Blair and David Cruikshank, Jason Bernick, Paul Vincent, and Mike Bracko.

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