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"I would have paid 5 times what these tapes cost! Why? Because the tapes are just about everything you need to know about stickhandling. Stickhandling Beyond Belief will last you for the rest of your life."

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DVD 5 of 5  -  1 Hour 45 Minutes of Instruction

CHAPTER 1 - Set-up for Dryland Training
  4 Considerations

CHAPTER 2 - Dryland Training Equipment
  25 Pieces of Equipment
  Wooden Ball or Golf Ball-Lead Pucks
  Stick Weights
  What-A-Puck-Blue Puck-Small Puck-
  Light Weight Puck-Hollow Pucks-
  Smart Hockey Ball-Dribble
  Ball on Black Surface-Mirror-
  PVC-Soft Hands-Steel Puck-
  Big Puck-Power Arm-Shooting
  Bungie Cord-Attack Triangle-
  StickMaster-Skill Pad-Ice
  Advantage-Hockey Heat

CHAPTER 3 - Dribbling
  39 Skills

CHAPTER 4 - Fakes
  8 Patterns for Hand Quickness

CHAPTER 5 - Toe Control
  14 Skills

CHAPTER 6 - Lightning Footwork 
  7 Skills

CHAPTER 7 - Expansion of Reach 
  5 Skills

CHAPTER 8 - Cupping the Puck
  5 Skills

CHAPTER 9 - Move, Fakes or Dekes 
  3 Skills

CHAPTER 10 - Stickhandling Strength
  6 Exercises

CHAPTER 11 - Training Eyes w/Hands
  9 Exercises

CHAPTER 12 - Stick/Eye Coordination
  2 Exercises


DVD 5 - Dryland Training for Stickhandling
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The Stickhandling Beyond Belief Set  
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