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Breakaways, Penalty Shots & Shoot-outs

Sean Skinner has conducted a comprehensive research on this subject of Breakaways from over 50 years of printed hockey books, videos and coaching materials. He has found there to be very little information on this topic for players and coaches, yet, we find breakaways occurring in almost every game, and penalty shots or shoot-outs deciding the tie breakers in key tournaments.

In fact, in one point during the an NHL season there were 19 penalty shots and only 3 goals. Now that shoot-outs are becoming an even more popular means of deciding games from Mite tournaments to NHL games.  Players and coaches need to know how to score on the breakaway and how to be successful on the penalty shot or during the shoot-out competition. The body of literature up to this date has basically taught a player that you react to the situation.

The players have been taught that if the goalie is out you deke and if the goalie is in you shoot. Thus, no principles or rules other than this reaction game have been taught, no pre-determined plan of attack has been given to players. No list of different shooting or deking options have been explained.

This video will teach players and coaches the scoring principles for breakaways and penalty shots in a scientific progression. It is all based on the flow chart below. Players will learn what options they have from different attack angles, when to shoot or deke, and which moves score more often. By understanding why certain movements produce greater scoring percentages players can learn to increase their scoring habits and win the shoot-out or score on the breakaway.

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Breakaways, Penalty Shots & Shoot-outs
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